Sewer smoke machine ZADYMA 003

Sewer smoke machine ZADYMA 003

ZADYMA 003 is an excellent, efficient device for generating smoke with extensive applications. Is used to detect deficiencies in sewer pipes and the sewage system. Smoke tests can be especially important after episodes of heavy rainfall. Smoke testing is a low-cost and effective way to identify water infiltration sources, including roof downspouts, yard drains, slab drains, defective connections, and storm water drainage systems. Perfect in checking the degree of destruction of levees by predators burrows! Indispensable for detecting faulty or illegal sewage connections. Proven in action.


Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 550 x 330 x 370 mm
Machine weight: approx. 10 kg

Power supply: 220-230V 50-60Hz
Heater power: 2000W
Max power consumption: 3100W
Capacity: 200m3/min
Pressure: 680 – 1200Pa
Continuous smoke generation: YES
Fluid consumption: approx. 80ml/min

In the set:

  • corrugated plastic hose 6 m long with a tip,
  • telescopic extension pole, aluminum 2-5 m long,
  • smoke fluid 5 l.

Equipment on request: power generator

Warranty 24 months

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