GAMM-BUD is a producer of innovative equipment and a leading seller of products in the water and sewage sector, as well as in the field of construction of telecommunication networks.


We develop our own, modern technologies, responding to the needs of the industry and adjusting them to optimise their functionality. Our goal is to comprehensively provide the necessary tools for the application of trenchless technologies, as well as to offer solutions in the field of telecommunications network construction in accordance with the requirements and restrictions in various countries. Our production of machinery and equipment has already reached 34 countries in the world, gaining recognition and trust of customers. Each order is an individual challenge for us. We design, produce and supply equipment for the needs of telecommunication, power engineering and water and sewage management plants.

We are leaders in innovative solutions in two sectors:

Together, we create a comprehensive and professional offer of devices that will allow your company to develop and achieve further goals using the latest technologies available on the market.

Sektor telekomunikacyjny

Water and sewerage

Green Dragon Products

Sektor telekomunikacyjny


Blue Dragon Jet

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Our history


GAMM-BUD has existed since 1992. For the first twenty years of its activity, it was mainly involved in the design, production and supply of equipment for the needs of water and sewage management plants. It was also a distributor of renowned German and Swiss companies: Lancier Cable, Bagela, WinCan, Reline Europe, Jeni and many other producers of equipment and other products for the telecommunications, electricity and water and sewage sectors.


Since 2002, we have been supplying water and sewage companies with equipment for trenchless repairs of sewage networks. We produce our own system of repairing sewage wells (also for installation in specialised cars) and instruments for measuring the tightness of sewage systems. Currently, we offer a wide range of products for the water and sewage in the offer of Green Dragon Products.


In 2012, we started the production of our own fibre optic cable blowers under the Blue Dragon Jet brand. The machines are based on their own developed technology and were designed with the intention of improving the functions of blowing machines offered previously on the market in order to optimise the effects and quality of work in the companies of our customers.


Since 2015, we have been intensively developing the sale of blowing machines for export, achieving an increasing sales range, which additionally motivates us to develop innovative technologies for our devices, as well as to search for further solutions in both industries.

GAMM-BUD currently

Currently, the company's stable position on the Polish and foreign markets in both sectors allows us to develop our offer by further technologies, improving our machines and adapting them to the changing needs of both the water and sewage and telecommunications markets. Our customers include Polish and international telecommunication companies, telecommunication construction companies and other entrepreneurs laying various types of cable networks.

Professionally equipped production facilities, as well as qualified specialists, constantly work on the use and implementation of innovative solutions so that industries can take their work to the next level.


An experienced team of specialists: engineers, designers, programmers, as well as CNC machine tool operators work together to create increasingly modern technological solutions so that our machines meet the highest quality standards, at the same time are intuitive to use and trouble-free. Together, in a team, we work on a technology that directly affects the success of our customers’ companies.

Michał Andrzejewski

GAMM-BUD founder

Mateusz Saładziak

Managing director

Paweł Konopczyński

Chief Technical Officer

Magdalena Mickowska

Marketing specialist

Remigiusz Kasza


GAMM-BUD Guarantee
- Reliable Quality Standards

The quality of our products and services is our priority. Since 2001, we have had a Quality Management System. Current certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 with the number 200777/A/0001/UK/Po.

We provide a standard 12-month guarantee for the equipment we provide and provide service throughout the country. We offer a 36-month guarantee for blowing machines.


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