Sewer System Smoke Tester

Sewer System Smoke Tester

Sewer System Smoke Tester for locating sewer connections.

The device is used for:

• checking the tightness of pipelines, sewage systems, ventilation ducts,
• checking the tightness of tanks, settling tanks, septic tanks, etc.,
• detecting faulty or illegal sewage connections,
• checking the degree of destruction of levees by predators’ burrows,
• ventilation of sewage chambers. Indispensable for detecting faulty or illegal sewage connections.

Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 640 x 390 x 340 mm
Machine weight approx. 10 kg
Power supply: 240V AC 50Hz
Heater power: 1000W
Max power consumption: 1100W
Efficiency: 120 m3/min (usable smoke 1250 m3/min)
Pressure: 85 Pa
Continuous Smoke Time: 45s
Fluid consumption: approx. 80ml/min


• Solid housing with reinforcements on the edges and fittings on the corners
• PVC hose, diameter 125mm, length 5m
• 2-5m telescopic pole
• Smoke fluid tank (5 liters supplied)
• Remote control

12 months warranty

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