Advanced work in the water and sewage industry, and especially effective checking of the tightness of pipelines, sewage systems, ventilation ducts or tanks, is not possible without professional equipment. The smoke machine, by producing dense smoke, is to highlight any unsealing and damage. The smoke machine and the ZADYMA 003 machine are extremely useful devices in everyday work at sewer connections.

The cutter allows for making a precise hole in the asphalt in a circle, adjusting it to the dimensions of sewage wells in a wide range of well diameters, as well as different asphalt thicknesses. The simple and thoughtful design allows for convenient transport, easy movement and intuitive operation. The asphalt jigsaw perfectly prepares the ground for renovation of wells. In addition, the Green Dragon Products offer includes other devices dedicated to the water and sewage industry that will improve your work.

Yes. We offer the PdPS1 leakage tester. This is the fastest and cheapest way to check the tightness of a pipe. Tightness testing of water pipes with the use of the PdPS1 device allows not only to perform a tightness test of the water supply network precisely and safely, but also to obtain documentation in the form of a complete report. Comprehensively equipped device for checking the tightness of PdPS1 wells.

In the offer of Blue Dragon Jet, GAMM-BUD presents a catalogue of devices for telecommunications and ICT companies based on fibre optic technology. The most popular devices of our production involve fibre optic blowing machines and accessories such as a stand for a blowing machine, a mini-unwinder for microcables or a lubricant for microcables. The offer of Blue Dragon Jet includes all necessary tools for professional blowing fibre optic cables in accordance with the requirements on the Polish market, as well as foreign markets, e.g. German Deutsche Telekom. Find out about the offer and contact us to find out how we can support your business.

The connection to a compressor is the basis of the operation of the blowing machine. We offer the KAESER M17A and M82A compressors, as well as a proven ATMOS PB 82 compressor. If you do not know which compressor to choose, please contact us. Our consultants will propose the best solution for your company's needs.

In order to facilitate and improve the work with the blowing machine, it is worth analysing the purchase of a stand for blowing machine and a decoiler for microcables. A lubricant is required during operation of the device. Contact us and get a comprehensive offer for blowing machines and accessories.

Our fibre optic blowing machines are appreciated all over the world. They are distinguished from other blowing machines available on the market by their small size and sophisticated technology. There are other advantages, as well. Each of our devices is tested before sale so that we can provide the customer with the highest quality blowing machines, ready for trouble-free operation. An additional advantage of our blowing machines is the ability to adapt the device to the individual needs of the customer. in addition, as one of the few companies, we offer machines fully equipped with all the necessary elements, ready for immediate operation, without the need to buy tips or other necessary components.

Blue Dragon Jet offers a large selection of small blowing machines for the construction of the last sections of the FTTH network. It is, for example, BDJ Budget - the smallest micro blow moulding machine, as well as BDJ Budget PLUS with a split head or BDJ Mini. The most economical solutions of small blowing machines, apart from BDJ Budget and BDJ Budget PLUS, involve two other models: Budget EasySet and Budget Plus EasySet. If you do not know which blowing machine will be the best for your needs, please contact our advisors by e-mail or by phone.

We sell, repair and service our devices at the registered office of GAMM-BUD - Dołuje, Wiosenna 3, 72-002 Skarbimierzyce. If your machine requires inspection or repair, please contact us to arrange the date and method of delivery of the machine. We will restore its full efficiency and former functionality, and we will take care of the mechanisms so that it can serve as long as possible.

GAMM-BUD sells all necessary accessories and spare parts for the blowing machines. You can check the entire range on our website or in the GAMM-BUD online store. If you have not found what you need, please contact us.

Our offer of blowing machines includes models designed for various cable diameters, always with a tolerance of up to a few millimetres. We can recommend as many as eight models of blowing machines as far as the specified diameter is concerned. We can help you choose the best solution depending on the desired blowing range and the pipe diameter. Contact our seller and find out about the models for you.