BDJ Max is a professional cable blowing machine designed for blowing cables within 6-15mm range into ducts diameters: 32, 40 and 50mm. Solid and simple construction ensures easy operation and longevity of the unit. Machine blows cables with 110 m/min speed. Achievable distance is 2500 m. The unit can be upgraded with an extra
blowing head for extending the blowing range of BDJ Standard with cables Ø2.5mm – 10mm and microducts Ø 5mm – 16mm.

Blowing range:

  • Cable diameter Ø 6-15mm
  • Duct diameter 32, 40, 50mm

Dedicated compressor: KAESER M82a    SEE DETAILS

Below cableblowing units with optional equipment.


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BDJ MAX with additional STANDARD blowing head -cables: Ø 4-10 mm (optional: 2.5 mm) /ducts: 5-16