BDJ Budget PLUS EasySet

BDJ Budget PLUS EasySet is a set of products including BDJ Budget with openable blowing head. The blowing machine is paired with a dedicated drill/drive unit-spare battery included and a customised small stainless steel tripod. The blowing unit is designed to build the last sections of the FTTH network. Delivered with special bushings facilitating blowing fiber optic cables from Ø 0.5mm diameter.

Blowing range:

  • Cable diameter Ø 0.5-6mm
  • Duct diameter Ø 5, 7, 10 mm
  • VIDEO 1


Dedicated compressor: KAESER MOBILAIR M17A     SEE DETAILS

NEW PRODUCT! Blowing machine equipped with a stand and an integrated screwdriver – READY TO WORK!