BDJ Multi Tube

BDJ MULTI TUBE-is a unit suitable for blowing several micro ducts into 32, 40 and 50 mm ducts. We offer different set-ups for a specific number of micro ducts and configuring the unit to work with a cable additionally. Multi Tube has a solid aluminum construction, high quality chain feeder and powerful hydraulic motors.Paired up and delivered with hydraulic power aggregate.

Blowing range:

  • Number of microducts: Packages of microtubes /at choice*  : 3-5x10mm / 7x10mm /3-5x12mm / 7x12mm
    * machine customized according to individual customer  requirements
  • Duct diameter: 32, 40, 50mm
  • Max blowing range: 1500m

Dedicated compressor: KAESER M82a      SEE DETAILS